We’d like to thank all the businesses and organisations that got in touch with us about our backlink competition, but there could only be one winner:

Earthcare Gardens: Landscape Designers in Wallington!

The reason we chose this company is that we like their ethos of being a family-run business committed entirely to providing value to their customers, not just in financial terms, but also with guiding their customers through not only what would make the customer happy now, but also in the future and making an eternally beautiful and useable garden.

It’s also a funny coincidence that they’re based very close to Surrey and sounds a lot like the company we’ve been using in our SEO basics posts!

We’ll keep fortnightly updates with how much more traffic and higher ranking they get to their website through Google thanks to this new powerful backlink. We really want to show the importance of high-power backlinks, and while our site isn’t exactly the BBC, we do have some juice (enough to help their site out anyway).

What you should see is that when Google indexes it in a few days, it will take a week or two to kick in, but they should rank higher for certain keywords, appear for new ones and gain more views as a result. Whether or not people click on their link will depend slightly on their meta descriptions and titles as we talked about in our blog post on on-page optimisation, but we expect an improvement either way.

We look forward to their success!